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Where Can Smart Windows Be Used?

Smart windows are gaining popularity all over the world and have been adopted across industries—from hospitality and healthcare to offices and universities. These windows, also called smart glass, tint or clear automatically in response to the sun, preventing excess light and heat from entering a building. In doing so, they offer many benefits that extend beyond traditional glazing solutions, including improved occupant well-being, enhanced energy efficiency and elevated architectural design. 


Here's a look at how various industries can benefit from the versatility of smart windows.


  1. Hospitality & Gaming
    The hospitality industry thrives on creating inviting guest experiences and many hotels, restaurants, and casinos have installed electrochromic glass to give guests unobstructed views of the outdoors and plenty of natural light, without uncomfortable excess heat and glare. Studies show that when guests are more comfortable, they spend more time in a space—and therefore more money.   

    Picture showing the Schwarzsee Restaurant with the mountains on the background. A women is setting the tables.
    Photo Credit
    Photo by ©Adrien Barakat
    Since the installation of SageGlass glazing, business at my restaurant has considerably increased. The view is breathtaking, and our clients can now enjoy it all through the year.” - Peter Roodbeen, the co-owner of Hostellerie am Schwarzee


  2. Healthcare and Life Sciences
    In healthcare settings, patient comfort and well-being are paramount.  Independent studies have linked smart windows to better health outcomes in hospitals, clinics, and other care facilities. They offer views of nature and natural light (both known to promote healing) and minimize uncomfortable heat and glare from the sun. Smart windows also make more comfortable spaces for physicians and other healthcare providers, meaning organizations can attract and retain the top talent in their fields. Another benefit is improved hygiene: Smart windows are easy to keep clean and don’t collect dust and germs the way traditional blinds and shades do.

    Electrochromic glazing in the western-facing gym allows the center to offer natural light and views without the need for shading solutions
    At Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, dynamic glass in the therapy gyms tints and clears automatically throughout the day, letting patients enjoy the natural light and views of the outside landscape without the need for blinds and shades.


  3. Office Buildings & Businesses:
    Designing a workplace that prioritizes employee wellness can have a direct effect on the business. Recent studies show that workers value access to natural light and outdoor views, and offices that provide those, generally have more productive employees. Smart windows can help decrease sick leave, decrease absenteeism, increase workers’ cognitive function, and more. As office buildings work to attract and retain top talent, they’re adopting smart windows as an important factor in creating comfortable, productive environments for employees.

    Google Exterior photo, Bengaluru, India
    Google’s new office campus in Bengaluru, India, offers occupants plenty of sunshine and views of nearby Mahadevapura Lake, without the need for blinds and shades. Smart windows let workers collaborate and interact in spaces that are cool, comfortable, and full of light. 


  4. Airports: 
    Airports are undergoing a boom in infrastructure investment and are looking for high-tech solutions that will maximize the passenger experience while helping to advance net-zero ambitions.  Smart windows can enhance the passenger experience by reducing glare, controlling heat, and managing daylight in terminals, ensuring that passengers stay comfortable.  Studies show that even a 1% increase in customer satisfaction can boost non-aeronautical revenue by 1.5%.  In other words, airports can increase revenue by keeping passengers comfortable.

    Interior of airport building at gate with custom smart glass windows.
    At Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport (BRO), survey respondents were 2-3x more likely to be satisfied when smart windows were operational. 


  5. Higher Education
    Today’s students expect more from their college and university campuses, especially when it comes to sustainability and spaces that prioritize their wellness.  Students actually learn material 20-26% faster in a classroom with natural light and views, making smart windows a smart investment on college campuses.    


    	The atrium provides a well-lit, airy gathering place for staff and faculty to collaborate and recharge.
    At San Jacinto College, smart windows have been installed in 3 different buildings including the new Engineering & Tech Center (above).


  6. Cultural Institutions
    Museums, galleries, and cultural institutions seek to create captivating spaces that showcase art and artifacts. Smart glass offers a unique solution by controlling light transmission, protecting delicate exhibits from harmful UV rays, and creating visually stunning displays.  Most importantly, guests can immerse themselves without the unwanted effects of glare or heat. 

    Interior of museum lobby with smart glass windows from floor to ceiling and a world globe in the middle.

For more information or to explore other examples of the benefits of smart window solutions across industries, check out additional SageGlass case studies.