Façade of the Geneva Marriott Hotel
Conference room in the Geneva Marriott Hotel with SageGlass Harmony (tinted state).
Conference room in the Geneva Marriott Hotel with SageGlass Harmony (tinted state).
Example of room in the Geneva Marriott Hotel.
Marriott International
MaS architects Sàrl
Sageglass Harmony®
Project Size
9,518 ft² / 880 m²
Marriott International

The Challenge

The Geneva Marriott Hotel is part of the new generation of hotels by the Marriott International group focused on sustainable development and respect for the environment. Located in Meyrin, on the outskirts of Geneva, the 11-story hotel’s main objective was to provide a platform for more ethical production and consumption. As part of this effort, Marriott International intends to reduce water consumption, CO2 emissions, waste production, and more. Selecting high quality and environmentally responsible materials was an integral part of the project from the planning stage onwards in order to achieve these objectives and to optimize the building’s energy efficiency.


The Solution

The Geneva Marriott Hotel combines various sustainable solutions that promote energy-efficient operation. For example, the building is cooled using ground water pumps and internal waste recycling measures are in place. The group also opted for SageGlass Harmony smart windows, which tint as needed to reduce heat and glare in the hotel, minimizing the need for air conditioning during periods of strong sunlight.


The Benefits

The Geneva Marriott Hotel is HPE (High Performance Energy) certified and offers a magnificent view of the mountains, including Mont Blanc. Since the building is fitted with SageGlass smart windows, occupants can enjoy the exceptional scenery at all times without being bothered by heat or glare. The SageGlass Harmony solution also lets in plenty of natural light and enables better color rendering thanks to its gradient tinting. The effective management of sunlight is integral to the building’s energy performance and helps achieve energy savings of 10 to 20%.


The Geneva Marriott Hotel is at the forefront of the emerging trend of sustainable hotel design. In fact, Forbes Magazine has ranked it among the best eco-friendly hotels in the world.