Exterior View of Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital
Electrochromic glazing in the western-facing gym allows the center to offer natural light and views without the need for shading solutions
Smart windows automatically tint to prevent heat gain
Smart windows automatically tint to prevent heat gain
Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital
Gresham Smith
SageGlass Classic
Project Size
2,300 ft² / 213 m²

In April 2022, the Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital opened its newest inpatient location in Jacksonville, Florida.  Designed by Gresham Smith, the center aims to tap into the healing and restorative nature of biophilic design, aiding patient recovery through access to the outdoors and daylight.  In addition to a vibrant interior design and an outdoor therapy garden, the western façade includes SageGlass smart windows to provide unobstructed views of the outdoors and natural light.

  • Electrochromic glass in the therapy gyms tints and clears automatically throughout the day to prevent heat gain and unwanted glare, especially in the late afternoon sun, without the need for blinds or shades. 

  • SageGlass aids in patient recovery by optimizing natural light, which is scientifically connected to faster recovery, improved emotional wellness, and a decreased need for medication.

  • In addition to maximizing patient and staff comfort, smart windows lower operational costs by reducing HVAC usage.