Smart glass for top airports

When travelers enjoy a first-rate passenger experience, airports and airlines win. SageGlass smart windows help aviation architects create energy-efficient curtain walls that solve solar control challenges, make travelers comfortable, and provide visual appeal.
Enhance passenger experience

Glare and heat are uncomfortable for passengers. Smart glass lets in plenty of light but keeps spaces cool and comfortable. 


People standing around in an Airport concorse.
Reduce energy loads

Cooling loads are a big cost for airports. By rejecting up to 95% of heat energy, smart glass adds money to your bottom line.


Exterior of the MSP airport, which is all tinted glass, several stories tall.
Avoid blinds and shades

Shades, fins, and louvers are hard to clean and maintain. With smart glass, you can design spaces without traditional blinds and shades for a clean, modern aesthetic.

Inside a commercial building with people walking and seating and queues.
Create a connected building

SageGlass is intelligent on its own, but it’s also an IoT system, capable of integrating with building management systems for holistic building optimization.


Maximize outdoor views

With smart glass, passengers can enjoy views of the outdoors without the obstruction of blinds or shades.


Glass walled building interior view with people walking

See SageGlass in action across a variety of aviation installations.

Nashville International Airport
Nashville International Airport® chose SageGlass windows for a redesign of its Concourse D, making the space modern, energy efficient, and comfortable. Smart windows offer passengers and employees natural light and views while min...
Tennessee, USA
Ronald Regan National Airport
At Ronald Reagan National Airport, SageGlass smart windows deliver daylight, views, and comfort that contribute to an excellent passenger experience. Dynamic glass also helps personnel at security checkpoints by reducing glare and...
Washington D.C., USA
Minneapolis - St.Paul International Airport
For its east-facing Charles Lindbergh terminal, MSP airport chose SageGlass windows to provide plenty of outdoor views to passengers and employees, while eliminating glare and heat. The airport has seen a reduction in stress and i...
Minnesota, USA
The International Air Transport Association, which represents the world’s airlines, chose SageGlass smart glass for a renovation of its Geneva headquarters. The dynamic windows have reduced the need for air conditioning by 60%, mi...
Geneva, Switzerland

Not All Smart Glass Is Created Equal

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