Design without Compromise

To achieve the optimal balance of wellness, efficiency, and resilience, electrochromic glass provides an unrivaled, adaptive solution that meets design goals without sacrificing daylight or views.
Challenge the Status Quo

In many traditional building, shading solutions, such as mechanical blinds or motorized shades, are down 50-70% of the day, blocking daylight and views for occupants and degrading exterior aesthetics.

Office Building with shading challenges
Advance Well-Being & Performance

When buildings have abundant daylight and views of the outdoors, people thrive.  Smart windows maintain the connection to the outdoors, promoting improved occupant wellness, satisfaction, and productivity.

Students collaborate in atrium filled with tables and chairs
Optimize Energy Performance

Electrochromic glass can reduce overall energy use by 5-15% and lower peak summertime demand by 25% or more, helping building owners save money while achieving their sustainability targets for reducing operational carbon emissions.

Curtainwalls on the front and back of the building allow plenty of natural light to enter lobby.
Future-Proof Your Building

Smart windows provide an intelligent façade solution that improves building resilience and helps owners prepare for climate change realities, including more frequent heat waves and extreme weather events.

Front entrance to Malachowsky Hall For Data Science & Information Technology Building at the University of Florida
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Office space inside the Tower with SageGlass Smart Windows tinted on a gradient.
Photo by ©Eric Rossier
Unleash Versatility
One Solution, Dual Performance
Electrochromic glass is revolutionizing design in the built environment, providing an innovative solution to deliver unmatched performance for occupant comfort and energy performance. Smart windows control glare and prevent heat gain, ensuring occupants are comfortable without the headaches of conventional shading solutions.
Ditch the Pitfalls of Traditional Shading Solutions
Static Solutions Can’t Adapt
Traditional solutions have a fixed performance unlike dynamic solutions that are designed to respond to real-time conditions.
Performance Tradeoffs
Traditional solutions are partial solutions that can’t adequately address both glare and heat gain. Often, multiple solutions are required to ensure occupant comfort.
Traditional glazing and interior shading only block a portion of solar energy, requiring more HVAC usage. Plus, additional material solutions add to the overall embodied carbon of the project.
Obstructed Daylight & Views
In many traditional buildings, shading solutions compromise occupant experience, blocking or limiting daylight and views.
Compromised Aesthetics
Interior blinds and shades can negatively impact exterior aesthetics, disrupting the modern, clean visual that glazed façades offer.
Maintenance & Repairs
Many shading solutions require routine inspection, maintenance, and cleaning, which can be costly, especially in hard-to-access locations like building exteriors.
Limited Control
Exterior solutions, in particular, can be difficult to adjust, limiting the ability of the system to adapt to changing sunlight angles or user preferences.
Design Constraints
The selection of a exterior shading solution may impact design considerations including building orientation and structural support.
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40Ten Canton
In Baltimore’s first mass timber project, SageGlass met designers’ goals of eliminating traditional shades while showcasing timber elements within.
Maryland, USA
Exterior image of 40Ten office
Pointe Nord (PAV)
During the renovation of Pointe Nord, windows and exterior aluminum shades were replaced with SageGlass Harmony®.
Geneva, Switzerland
Façade of the PAV Pointe Nord Tower. The sky is blue, the new gray building equipped with SageGlass smart windows is on the left of the image. On the right side, there is a tree.
Financial Services Company
A leading financial services company selected SageGlass to meet its goals for employee wellness and sustainability.
Texas, USA
Exterior view of building overlooking Lake Carolyn