Dining room of Hostellerie am Schwarzsee, glass is fully tinted
Dining room of Hostellerie am Schwarzsee, glass is medium tinted
Dining room of Hostellerie am Schwarzsee, glass is clear
Hostellerie am Schwarzsee
Mäder + Luder Architekten
SageGlass Harmony
Project Size
1615 ft²/ 150 m²
© Adrien Barakat

The Challenge

Located over 3,400 feet above sea level, the Hostellerie am Schwarzsee hotel and restaurant sits on a sunny plateau on the banks of the Black Lake. Its idyllic setting means it enjoys an extraordinary view of the Prealps and is also bathed in sunlight. This strong light caused by the reflection of the sun on the lake or on the snow in winter can be both a benefit and drawback. In fact, the glare and the heat can bother the guests. The restaurant had previously chosen curtains, but they obscured the beautiful view so weren’t an ideal solution.

Co-owner Mr. Roodbeen wanted to renovate the restaurant’s facades so his guests could enjoy the view in all weathers, all while benefiting from a comfortable temperature and pleasant lighting conditions. He also decided to add an additional floor to create conference rooms, which also needed to provide the same level of comfort.


The Solution

SageGlass proved to be the ideal solution to meet all these criteria. As a matter of fact, this dynamic glazing meets very high standards in terms of comfort, durability and aesthetics. Its variable tinting can be controlled manually or by a smart control system, allowing it to adapt to external conditions or to the required use. For example, the glazing can be tinted to darken conference rooms for video projections or to prevent guests from being exposed to the sun. SageGlass is a genuine alternative to traditional sun protection in facades and skylights, protects against heat and glare, and optimizes the amount of natural light entering the building.

That’s why in 2017 the restaurant was fitted out with LightZone electrochromic glazing, which makes it possible to tint only certain parts of the glazing. These controllable tint zones help to optimize incoming light and control glare. In 2022, the restaurant upgraded to the new version of electrochromic glazing: Harmony. This technology allows the glass to be tinted in a gradient to achieve a better color rendering while maintaining optimal protection against the sun.  


The Benefits

Mr. Roodbeen, co-owner of the hotel, noticed an increase in his sales due to the increased footfall in his restaurant as soon as the LightZone glazing was installed. The hotel also benefited from cutting heating and air conditioning costs.

Guests at the Hostellerie am Schwarzsee can now enjoy the magnificent view of the mountains and the Black Lake whatever the weather – without enduring excessive heat and light. Instead, they can enjoy unparalleled visual and thermal comfort thanks to the Harmony glazing and take in the breathtaking panorama.

Since the installation of SageGlass glazing, business at my restaurant has considerably increased. The view is breathtaking, and our clients can now enjoy it all through the year.
Peter Roodbeen
Hostellerie am Schwarzsee