Google Exterior photo, Bengaluru, India
Google Exterior Photo
Google Exterior Photo
Bagmane Group
Broadway Malyan
SageGlass Harmony®
Project Size
200,000 ft² / 18,581 m²

The Challenge

In bustling Bengaluru—often called the "Silicon Valley of India"—a beautiful and innovative new office park will meet the needs of a modern workforce. Technology giant Google is the anchor client for Rio Business Park, the latest offering from Bagmane Group, one of India's largest build-to-suit real estate developers. For Google and its other tenants, Bagmane Group wanted to create a luxurious and well-designed workplace experience that prioritizes employee well-being and collaboration.


The Solution

For the new office development, Bagmane Group selected SageGlass Harmony with Bright Silver, an electrochromic glass solution that tints on a gradient in response to the sun. SageGlass smart windows reduce glare and regulate temperature, while letting in plenty of natural light and preserving views of the outdoors—all without the need for blinds or shades. Occupants of Rio Bagmane will be able to enjoy sunshine and views of nearby Mahadevapura Lake.

The 1.6-million-square-foot complex features a sweeping, curved design, and the proprietary Bright Silver coating on the glass provides a superior, vibrant exterior aesthetic.  With over 200,000 square feet of dynamic glass, it is the largest smart window installation in the world.  Local glazier Glass Wall Systems worked with the SageGlass India team to commission and install more than 12,000 panels.

We strive to create premiere workplace experiences for our world-class customers. For this office development, we are working with a tech customer who expects the best. We chose SageGlass for this innovative building because of their superior smart glass offering, ability to invest in cutting-edge technology, and [parent company] Saint-Gobain's presence in India.
Aditya Bagmane
Director, Bagmane Group


The Benefits

With SageGlass Harmony, the new building will offer bright, comfortable spaces for Google employees to have casual interactions and productive collaborations. The smart windows—which make up most of the façade—are an integral part of the urban, innovative workplace that's cool, comfortable, and light-filled. In addition, SageGlass parent company Saint-Gobain will provide other features for the modern workplace, like OLED displays and its MC350 system, which measures Indoor Environmental Quality factors.

For cutting-edge clients like Google, cutting-edge workspaces only make sense.

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