Benefits of Dynamic Glass

SageGlass products dynamically change tint in response to the sun to provide unobstructed outdoor views and enhanced occupant comfort. The products provide exceptional control of daylight, glare and energy use without the need for traditional solutions, like blinds, shades or low-e glass.

Innovative Smart Glass Technology

As the leader in electrochromic technology, our award-winning product is revolutionizing what glass can do in the built environment.

How SageGlass Works

Dynamic Glazing Portfolio

For those seeking advanced solar control solutions, SageGlass products dynamically tint in response to the sun, enhancing occupant comfort while maintaining a connection to the outdoors. All of our products are available in an array of shapes, sizes, colors and configurations and can be installed on windows, skylights and curtain walls. Download our product comparison guide to learn more.


By dynamically changing tint in response to the sun, SageGlass® increases occupant comfort while maintaining a connection to the outdoors without the need for blinds or shades.

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Only SageGlass LightZone® provides you with the ability to create up to three tint zones within a single pane of glass to let in exactly the right amount of light and block the sun as needed.

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SageGlass Harmony


SageGlass Harmony® is a totally unique glazing solution that provides precise glare and daylight control and a smooth visual aesthetic through a natural, seamless in-pane tint transition. 

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Intelligent Glass Control System

The dynamic tinting of SageGlass products is driven by an intelligent control system that uses sensors to tint automatically in response to light conditions. We provide multiple means of control to meet various customer preferences.

  • Automation & Integration

    All SageGlass products can be tinted and cleared using automatic settings or seamless integration with the existing building management system.

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  • Mobile controls

    In addition to traditional wall switches, you can use our mobile app to fine-tune tint zones and save predefined scene settings for specific lighting effects from anywhere in the building—wherever and whenever you want.

  • Voice Control

    Integration with voice control devices, like the Amazon Echo, provides occupants with additional flexibility so they can control the dynamic tinting of the glass via voice command.

Building Sustainability

SageGlass is a sustainable glass product that allows architects and builders to elegantly solve solar-control challenges without sacrificing aesthetics, design or energy-efficiency while reducing environmental impact. 


Eco-friendly Certifications

By sustaining eco-friendly building interiors and conserving energy, SageGlass products can help your project earn green labels such as LEED certification and more.

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Energy & Efficiency

Blocking over 90% of solar heat in cooling seasons, or just 60% in heating seasons, provides optimized energy efficiency all year.

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Cost Savings

Savings can add up over a building’s life cycle, reducing overall energy loads by an average of 20% and peak energy demand by up to 26%.

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Design Possibilities

With the flexibility to fit into almost any design and the technology to go beyond the limits of shades and blinds, SageGlass products are changing what glass means to architects and building owners.


    Perfect for projects that require non-rectangular shapes such as trapezoid, parallelogram and triangle.

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    We offer rectangular panes as large as 6’ x 10’ (1.8m x 3m).

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    We provide you with industry-leading color options, including clear, blue, green, gray and more.

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  • Configuration

    Multiple glass makeups are available for different applications, including both double and triple pane units.

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See For Yourself

Learn how SageGlass electrochromic technology and customizable features can create unique advantages for a range of different industries.

Higher Education

Daylight and views help students thrive in environments designed for connection and collaboration.

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Patients with views of nature and natural daylight experience improved recovery rates and well-being.

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Travelers enjoy a more comfortable atmosphere, which includes views of the outdoors and natural daylight.

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Office Buildings

Smart glass improves productivity and well-being by providing daylight and views while enhancing comfort.

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Cultural Institutions

Visitors experience greater comfort in environments free from unwanted heat and glare.

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Designing retail stores with more daylight and views to the outside has proven to significantly increase sales.

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Hospitality & Gaming

By controlling sunlight and heat gain, smart glass creates a pleasant experience at hotels, restaurants and casinos.

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Unparalleled Customer Service

Interested in seeing SageGlass products in action? Contact us today to receive more information and learn about the many ways SageGlass products can improve your environment.


We'll help you incorporate dynamic glass into your project by helping you design framing systems, wire routing and control system configurations.

Performance Modeling

We can show you how much energy your project can save every year by using glass performance modeling that's tailored to your project and climate.


We'll review your drawings and provide control system wiring diagrams and schematics, complete with final dimensions and all the materials you'll need.


We want to make sure installation goes as smoothly as possible, so we provide relevant training for contractors and review installation details with window, skylight and curtain manufacturers.


Throughout the construction process and afterward, we're available with on-site training and telephone support to address any issues or questions that may arise.