Smart Windows for Aesthetics and Comfort

To attract employees with expertise and know-how, employers need to offer a top-tier workplace. Dynamic glass maintains views of the outside while controlling temperature and glare.
Attract top talent

Employees want more from their workplace, including access to daylight and a connection to nature.  Dynamic glass is an optimal solution to enhance wellness, which can help attract and retain talent.  

Jean Singer & Cie SA employees working on dials. Smart windows allow them to have a view on the outside while being protected from heat and glare.
Photo by ©Adrien Barakat
Increase productivity

Studies show that workplaces that focus on health and wellbeing increase productivity. Electrochromic glass can play a major role in healthier, wellness-friendly designs. 


Busy office with workers
Improve energy efficiency

SageGlass reduces energy loads up to 20% and peak energy up to 26%. Smart windows block up to 95% of heat gain, helping manufacturers reduce energy costs and carbon impact. 


Workshop with SageGlass
Photo by ©Bühler Group
Create a connected building

SageGlass is intelligent on its own, but it’s also an IoT system, capable of integrating with Building Management Systems for holistic building optimization. 


Avoid blinds and shades

Dynamic glass allows you to design a space without traditional blinds and shades, resulting in a clean, modern aesthetic with fewer surfaces to clean and easier maintenance. 

Photo by ©Ingo Rasp
Lab with Smart Glass
Photo by ©Adrien Barakat
Precise Glare Control for Precise Work
Premium watch dial manufacturer Jean Singer & Cie SA selected SageGlass Harmony® smart windows to allow employees to perform highly focused work while enjoying views of the outdoor without the harmful impacts of glare.

See SageGlass in action across a variety of manufacturing facilities.

Tudor Manufacturing
In Le Locle, Neuchâtel, The TUDOR Manufacture includes top-of-the-line technological solutions, including dynamic glass.
Le Locle, Suisse
Façade of the new Tudor manufacture. The façade is red and glazed.
Jean Singer & Cie SA
SageGlass Harmony smart windows allow employees to perform highly focused work while enjoying views without glare.
Boudry, Switzerland
Facade of Jean Singer headquarters, located in Boudry (Switzerland). Building equipped with SageGlass smart windows.
SISAG Campus
The SISAG headquarters includes production area, offices, and hospitality spaces and prioritizes energy efficiency and employee wellness.
Schattdorf, Switzerland
Exterior of Sisag building with smart windows from left to right on a large modern glass building.

Smart Windows Deliver Premium Results

Interested in learning whether SageGlass dynamic glass is a fit for your manufacturing facility?