Façade of the new Tudor manufacture. The façade is red and glazed.
Zoom on the Tudor manufacture. The Tudor symbol is displayed. The glazed façade is made of SageGlass electrochromic glass.
Zoom on the symbol of Tudor.
Gebert Architectes SA
SageGlass Classic & Harmony
Project Size
25,295 ft²/ 2350 m²


The Challenge

Founded in 1926 by Hans Wilsdorf, TUDOR manufactures high-end mechanical watches at affordable prices. Now one of the world’s major watchmaker brands, TUDOR opted to build its new industrial facility, “Manufacture”, in Le Locle, Neuchâtel, close to its suppliers.

The Manufacture is the first industrial complex wholly dedicated to the company’s work since its foundation. Spanning over 113,000 square feet with four floors, the building was designed to bring together the brand’s watch assembly operations and move it closer to its supplier network. This state-of-the-art facility combines top-line automated testing and production systems with the manual watchmaking expertise of its workforce. TUDOR aims to offer its workforce efficient, comfortable and secure spaces to practice their art. Of course, the company also considered its impact on the environment and local biodiversity from the beginning of the building’s planning stage.

To bring this project to life, TUDOR enlisted architecture firm Gebert Architectes SA, design firm BCS SA, and façade specialists Hevron SA.


The Solution

Completed in 2021 and officially opened in March 2023 at the luxury watchmaking trade fair, Watches and Wonders, the TUDOR Manufacture is physically linked to its neighbor Kenissi, where TUDOR movements are produced. While Kenissi, a company set up by TUDOR, created a façade in silver and gray, TUDOR itself opted for a bold red.

The TUDOR Manufacture includes top-of-the-line technological solutions andan impactful interior design, complete with bold red, black and grey color schemes, that creates visual harmony throughout the space. The red façade adorned with TUDOR shields, includes SageGlass glazing, allowing the windows to tint and clear, automatically or on demand, in response to weather conditions and the occupants’ needs. The dynamic glass provides ideal conditions for the manufacturing team, allowing them to enjoy views of the outdoors without disruption from glare or the need to take extensive measures in cold weather.

The Manufacture has also been outfitted with solar panels on the roof, enabling it to produce some of the energy it uses. The facility sources the remaining energy from a Swiss power plant run on renewable energy sources. Finally, the landscaping around the building was carefully selected to include endemic species from the Jura, that are native to the area.


The Benefits

The distinctive new TUDOR Manufacture – ensures quality production and high levels of comfort for those who work there. In addition to its high-performance design, the building was thoughtfully planned to avoid disruption of the surrounding natural environment and to maintain a careful balance of the biodiversity in the area. The construction of a building this extraordinary would not have been possible without a blend of hi-tech solutions, including SageGlass electrochromic glazing in the façade. This feature allows employees to perform meticulous tasks without disruption from heat or glare – all while enjoying views of the outdoors. 


Façade design firm: BCS SA

Façade specialists: HEVRON SA