Prioritize form or function? Yes.

With SageGlass smart glass, you can have it all: beautiful aesthetics, clear views, and outstanding comfort. Once employees experience the benefits of a workplace with smart glass, they never want to go back.
Promote employee wellness

Electrochromic glass can be part of a healthy building strategy by providing all-day access to daylight and views of nature, without glare or excessive heat.


An office room.
Decarbonize buildings

SageGlass smart tinting reduces operational carbon from heating, cooling, and lighting and eliminates the embodied carbon that comes with blinds or shades.

View of the exterior and the interior of a building.
Avoid blinds and shades

Smart glass allows you to design a space without traditional blinds and shades, resulting in a clean, modern aesthetic with fewer surfaces to clean.

Going down the stair of an office building
Create a connected building

SageGlass is intelligent on its own, but it’s also an IoT system, capable of integrating with Building Management Systems for holistic building optimization.

Inside a office space.
Maximize views of nature

With smart glass in your office building, team members can enjoy the biophilic benefits of staying connected to the outdoors all day, year round.


View of the interior of an office space.

See SageGlass in action in a variety of commercial office buildings.

For its new headquarters, online gaming company Tombola wanted a top-notch working environment, superior aesthetics, and energy performance. Ryder Architecture helped select SageGlass Classic to maximize views of the nearby river ...
Sunderland, UK
Nestlé Headquarters
In a 2020 renovation of its global headquarters on Lake Geneva, Nestlé replaced the windows in building B with SageGlass smart glass after researching the effects of indoor light quality on employees.
Vevey, Switzerland
Sammons Financial Group
At Sammons Financial Group, leaders wanted to create a more collaborative and functional work environment to attract and retain the best talent. Its new six-story headquarters features SageGlass Harmony to block glare, control tem...
Iowa, USA
Carson Group Headquarters
Carson Group hired LEO A DALY and Tetrad Property Group to plan its new headquarters, which features two glass towers joined by a two-story bridge. Carson Group chose SageGlass Harmony to minimize glare, brightness, and heat....
Nebraska, USA

Not All Smart Glass Is Created Equal

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