Healthier buildings, healthier people.

Studies show that natural light is connected to faster recovery, improved emotional wellness, and decreased need for medication. SageGlass windows help healthcare and life science buildings achieve views and light without glare and heat.

Enhance patient wellness

Dynamic glass improves thermal and visual comfort, and gives patients a seamless connection to outdoor spaces and their biophilic benefits. 

Trainee doctors treating real and prosthetic clients
Improve staff experience

In one study, more than 75% of hospital staff said daylight throughout the hospital helps them do their work more easily and aids recovery in patients.


Two scientists work together in a lab
Create a distinctive design

With smart glass, you can design healthcare spaces without traditional blinds and shades to achieve a hygienic, modern aesthetic.

Views of SageGlass in action in a hospital setting with monitoring equipment.
Decarbonize buildings

SageGlass smart tinting reduces emissions from heating, cooling, and lighting and eliminates the embodied carbon that comes with blinds or shades.

Display of sitting area with large smart glass windows

See SageGlass in action across a variety of healthcare facilities.

The 28 beds and two operating rooms at Bellavista Eye Clinic receive the optimal amount of light throughout the day, and spaces stay clean without dusty blinds or shades.
Speicher, Switzerland
Mercy Orthopedic Hospital
Mercy Orthopedic Hospital used a curtain wall of SageGlass windows to provide an unbroken connection to its beautiful outdoor landscape, and reduce heat and glare in the west-facing entrance. ...
Arkansas, USA
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV)
Leaders at Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois chose SageGlass windows for optimal patient recovery and staff operations, preserving the views of nearby Lac Léman and reducing energy costs. ...
Lausanne, Switzerland
Butler County Health Care Center
At this health club and therapeutic center, dynamic glass makes up a curtain wall that tints automatically to provide light and views of a nearby park and golf course.
Nebraska, USA

Not All Smart Glass Is Created Equal

Interested in learning whether SageGlass smart glass is a fit for your healthcare project?