World-Class Smart Windows

Using electrochromic technology, SageGlass® smart windows change tint in concert with the sun, increasing occupant comfort while maintaining a connection to the outdoors.
Blocks 99% of glare-producing light

SageGlass Classic offers four distinct tint states: Clear, Light, Medium, and Full. Get just what you need at the time—no more and no less.


Interior workout studio view, with a wall of tinted glass. Workout equipment dispersed around the room.
Intelligent daylight management

SageGlass Classic is powered by an intelligent control system that uses predictive algorithms and real-time weather data.

Exterior of a solid glass building reflecting the clouds.
Full pane tinting effect

The Classic product tints uniformly across the pane and is applicable in all shapes and for all SageGlass applications.


A side-by side inside the CUBIC office building showing the back wall of windows. Light on the left side and tinted dark on the right side.
Maximizes daylight and views

SageGlass smart windows eliminate the need for blinds and shades, giving occupants expansive views and more natural light.


Landscape shot looking at a long hotel bar with glass behind it, where you can see clouds.
Great for skylights

SageGlass Classic can be used in skylight applications for light-filled and comfortable atria, rotundas, and more.



Experience our smart windows, inside and out. Click around to see what SageGlass Classic can do.
Interior glass atrium with glass at various levels of tintedness.
Comfortable temperatures
SageGlass smart windows prevent excessive heat gain from the sun, making your HVAC systems more efficient and occupants more comfortable.
Maximize natural daylight
SageGlass Classic can be paired with SageGlass Harmony to create cohesive interior designs that maximize daylight. We’d love to show you how this works.
Excellent glare control
People in the space will appreciate - or maybe better yet, won’t even notice - that SageGlass smart windows prevent excessive glare.
Clean aesthetics
SageGlass smart windows can minimize the need for blinds and shades, so interior spaces have a clean, modern look.
Exterior building shot on a partly cloudy day. The building is unique and all glass. Part of it is rounded, and another part of it is a rectangle.
Best exterior aesthetics
Architects have created some stunning buildings using SageGlass Classic, with beautiful glass façades uncompromised by blinds or shades.
Weather monitoring
The SageGlass intelligent control system uses a predictive algorithm along with rooftop sensors to track local conditions and predict when tinting will be needed.
Zoned control
Each façade of your building has unique shading needs throughout the day. With SageGlass Classic, your windows tint where it’s needed, when it’s needed.
Optional scene creation
On the exterior, your SageGlass Classic windows can be programmed to
tint so that they collectively display a word, shape, or pattern.

See SageGlass Classic® in action across a variety of industries.

Tombola House
For its new headquarters, online gaming company Tombola wanted a top-notch working environment, superior aesthetics, and energy performance. Ryder Architecture helped select SageGlass Classic to maximize views of the nearby river ...
Sunderland, UK
Mystic Lake Center
At the Mystic Lake Casino Hotel, WorthGroup Architects specified SageGlass Classic for the west-facing façade of an addition. The goal: optimize daylight, views, and comfort in a space with a three-story glass atrium....
Minnesota, USA
Higher Education
Bowie State University
When designing its new science center, Bowie State University wanted to create a welcoming, progressive, and sustainable learning environment. Architects Perkins + Will specified SageGlass Classic to prevent glare, fading, and ove...
Maryland, USA
Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport
Leaders at the busy MSP airport needed to reduce glare and heat in an existing security checkpoint area. Architects at Alliance specified SageGlass Classic to create a better employee and passenger experience in this busy area....
Minnesota, USA

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