Renovation in Response to Climate Change
The European Union estimates that the building sector is responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions. Many existing buildings in Europe are not energy efficient and require renovation to meet 2050 carbon neutral objectives. Building owners must consider lasting solutions to improve energy efficiency and comply with current and future standards.
A renovation case study: Nestlé
Dating back to 1977, Building B at Nestlé’s corporate headquarters had become outdated in terms of energy consumption and the entirety of the facade needed to be replaced as a result. To preserve the building’s unique aesthetic while improving its energy efficiency, Nestlé installed SageGlass smart glazing.

Why renovate using smart windows?

1. Improve aesthetics and energy efficiency

A fully glazed facade creates a modern, minimal aesthetic. Plus, if it is fitted with smart glazing, its adaptability helps improve energy efficiency.

2. Comply with current standards

European states are imposing increasingly strict standards for buildings in response to climate change. Smart windows help buildings meet these requirements.

3. Elevate occupant comfort

Occupants expect more from their spaces in terms of comfort and well-being. Smart windows regulate temperature and glare, while maintaining views to the outdoors.
View from the inside of the building. People are working on computers, some windows are tinted, others don't.
Thanks to the Ivory Tower renovation, 85% of employees say they are satisfied or very satisfied with the thermal and visual comfort of their workspace.
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Discover renovation projects that include SageGlass

Pointe Nord (PAV)
The renovation of the Tour de Pointe Nord has been brought up to current standards and has become a model of material reuse and sustainability.
Geneva, Switzerland
Façade of the PAV Pointe Nord Tower. The sky is blue, the new gray building equipped with SageGlass smart windows is on the left of the image. On the right side, there is a tree.
Data center MRS2
Interxion chose to set up its second data center, MRS2, in two hangars built in the 1950s. During the renovation, the concrete structure was preserved. The installation of SageGlass glazing has allowed MRS2’s visitors and employee...
Marseille, France
Inside of the building with SageGlass in clear state
Glatt Tower
After 40 years, the Glatt Tower needed a facelift. To keep its initial shape while improving its energy performance, the building’s entire facade was replaced with triple-glazed SageGlass.
Zurich, Switzerland
Building facade of the Glatt with smart windows from left to right on a large modern glass building.
Modissa Fashion Store
Modissa chose to renovate its store to improve the energy performance of the 40-year-old building and optimize its customers’ shopping experience through daylight and offering a permanent view of the outdoors.
Zurich, Switzerland

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