Saint-Gobain Tower
Photo by @Laurent Kronental
SageGlass + Saint-Gobain
SageGlass is backed by one of the largest building materials company in the world
Founded in 1665, Saint-Gobain is the world leader in light and sustainable construction. Saint-Gobain operates in 76 countries, providing materials and services for the construction and industrial markets.
SageGlass team members shaking hands with client and smart glass windows in the back.
Our mission
We aspire to help create low-carbon buildings that enhance occupant wellness by delivering the world's best smart windows.
Smart window technology is constantly evolving, and our research and development team is made up of world-class innovators. With a range of proprietary coating options and the first electrochromic glass to tint on a gradient, we deliver unmatched solutions.

Two woman sitting at a desk working at a computer with a map in the background.
Our Values
At SageGlass, we pride ourselves on putting people first.
We empower our team members to innovate, deliver operational excellence and create compelling experiences for our customers. We partner with building professionals through a collaborative, consultative approach to create the best solution for each project.
Exterior of architectural building with custom smart glass windows overlooking water.
Saint-Gobain in North America
Saint-Gobain creates high-performance workplaces
The Saint-Gobain North American headquarters in Malvern, PA is a living laboratory. This high-performance workplace, featuring SageGlass and other Saint-Gobain solutions, encourages employee productivity, collaboration, satisfaction, and well-being.

What Our Clients Say

Exterior of unique building with custom smart glass windows.

" When doing research on what amenities ranked the highest for stakeholders, natural light was undoubtedly at the top. Smart glass has the ability to promote happiness and well-being, enhance workplace satisfaction...and make people feel more energized. "

Kelsey Ruwe
Carson Group
Exterior of industrial building with smart glass windows from left to right.

" We ended up with so much west-facing and east-facing glass. The heat gain was going to be substantial. But we didn’t want to take away from the historic façade with blinds. SageGlass really did what we needed it to do for this facility. "

Bill Hall
SUNY Binghamton
Exterior of white building with custom smart glass windows.

" The classrooms primarily face west, so there’s a lot of glare and light. The electrochromic glass allows teachers to tint the glass to fit their needs or not have to think about it at all. "

Peter Sieber
Central New Mexico Community College
View from the inside of the building. People are working on computers, some windows are tinted, others don't.

" SageGlass offers a high level of comfort by retaining our outside views without the inconvenience of sunlight reflecting on our computer screens. "

Emmanuel Oualid
SageGlass is the world leader in electrochromic glass, and we’ve got the recognition to prove it.

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