How Electrochromic Glass Works
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The Intelligence of Smart Glass
To perform in the field, electrochromic glass needs software and controls to dictate when and how it should tint. Using a combination of predictive and real-time inputs such as weather, location and cloud cover, the software and controls manage daylighting, glare, energy use and color rendition throughout the day.

Benefits of Electrochromic Glass

Benefits of Electrochromic Glass

Occupant Wellness

Electrochromic glass can be part of a healthy building strategy by providing all-day access to daylight and views without glare or excessive heat.


By optimizing heat transfer, smart glass can lessen the load on your HVAC systems and reduce your energy bills.

Distinctive Design

Electrochromic glass allows you to have greater expanses of glass facades without the need for excessive shading devices, resulting in a clean, modern aesthetic.

Proven Technology

SageGlass smart glass has been used successfully in thousands of projects across several continents.

Benefits of Electrochromic Glass
How to Evaluate the Right Electrochromic Glass Partner
Consider Quality, Experience, Aesthetics and Organizational stability
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  • Superior Aesthetics
  • Relevant References
  • Stable Organization
  • Quality Product & Support
  • Advanced Software & Controls
  • Easy System Integration

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