View of the Voyage Privé building.
View of the environment surrounding the Voyage Privé building.
Interior of Voyage Privé building. No tint on the glass.
Inside of the building of Voyage Privé.
Inside of the Voyage Privé building. Glass is tinted.
Tangram Architectes
SageGlass Classic
Project Size
800 m²
Gabrielle Voinot

The Challenge

The new Voyage Privé headquarters is located in Aix-en-Provence, in the La Constance business park, a hyperconnected neighborhood under development, that will be the driving force behind Aix-Marseille French-Tech. It’s home to 200 employees.

The project was guided by research on architecture that blends into the landscape, making well-being a priority and fostering employee performance. Tangram’s architects were inspired by the core activities of Voyage Privé and wanted to increase the level of interaction between people and the environment.

The building is adjacent to a large, wooded bank, and the vegetation extends over it to cover the roof. The interior design was treated as an extension of the external space, removing any architectural boundaries and providing a work environment that’s closer to nature. The large open space, consisting of modular and scalable offices on two levels, is fully glazed in order to maintain a link with the outside and the beautiful view of the mountain Sainte-Victoire. In order to ensure the well-being and comfort of employees year round, it was necessary to control the heat and glare from the Mediterranean sun.


The Solution

SageGlass Smart Windows provided the perfect solution to meet these requirements. Smart Windows tint and clear automatically throughout the day to adapt to the outdoor conditions. As the glass tints, it optimizes both light and thermal comfort in a space, ensuring protection against excess heat and glare while still providing views of the outdoors.


The Benefits

Thanks to their transparency, SageGlass Smart Windows offer a panoramic view of the Aix hills in all weather conditions and create a tangible link between the internal and external environments. Views of the outdoors, coupled with the influx of natural light, will contribute to the well-being and productivity of Voyage Privé employees.

For this project, we wanted to increase the level of interaction between people and the environment. The fully glazed façade obviously helps enormously with this, and SageGlass Smart Windows have allowed us to achieve this goal without compromising on the comfort of our employees.
Emmanuel Dujardin, Chairman of Tangram Architects
Tangram Architects

The well-being of our staff is our priority, and thanks to SageGlass, we’re able to give them a huge amount of natural light and a view of the outdoors, while protecting them from the discomfort of the harsh sun at the same time.
Cendrine Tonnot, Campus Manager
Voyage Privé