Millenium's facade
Millenium's facade
Collaborative office space with smart glass windows from left to right overlooking a town.
Common office space with smart glass windows overlooking town.
Millenium's facade
Ensemble SA
SageGlass Harmony™
Project Size
4,600 m²
© Adrien Barakat / © - Pedro Gutiérrez

The Challenge

Millennium is a one-of-a-kind smart office building in Crissier, Switzerland. Millennium is a high-tech work environment focused on innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. Millennium will provide 1,500 workspaces with sweeping views of Lake Geneva.

A focus on occupant wellness, innovation, and a desire for seamless connection to the outdoors drove the design team to explore dynamic glass as an option for the building façade. Aesthetics were also an important consideration.

Every product we select for our building needs to be an expression of our commitment to delivering only the very best. This was especially important for our glazing selection, since it is such a significant and visible part of our design. Harmony both embodies that commitment and will deliver to our occupants an unparalleled level of comfort and connection to the outdoors.
Martin Schlienger, Millennium project team

The Solution

The entire façade of Millennium features SageGlass Harmony. Harmony’s gradient tint adjusts over the course of the day and can run top to bottom, bottom to top, or uniformly depending on the location and intensity of the sunlight. Harmony is the most elegant electrochromic glazing solution currently available in the smart glass market.


The Benefits

SageGlass Harmony will provide a glare-free work environment and beautiful views of Lake Geneva and the countryside. Connection to the outdoors has been shown to increase job satisfaction, reduce stress and fatigue, and improve health and well-being. The Harmony™ façade is also integrated into the Siemens Building Management System as an IoT device allowing for reduced energy consumption and a comfortable indoor climate for occupants at all times.