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Harmony’s Debut Installation: Millennium Center

Exterior view of the Millenium Center in Crissier, Switzerland, with numerous glass windows

If you’ve noticed an increased emphasis on employee health and wellness in the workplace, you’re not alone. In order to stay competitive and attract the world’s top talent, companies are even more focused on creating workplaces that positively impact their teams’ health, comfort and productivity, while embodying their companies’ values. Furthermore, these companies are hiring architects and designers capable of bringing these visions to life.

A focus on occupant wellness and innovation drove the Millennium team’s decision to create an environment where professionals would want to work and live. Millennium Center in Crissier, Switzerland, which is expected to open in 2020, will be one of the most unique and innovative smart buildings in the world, and the debut installation of our most elegant dynamic glass, SageGlass Harmony™.

The Millennium team recognized that superior places demand ample access to natural light and unobstructed outdoor views, and Harmony delivers on this need. Harmony’s smooth, gradual in-pane tint transitions – from fully clear to fully tinted – provide occupants with a seamless connection to the outdoors and access to natural light, while maintaining thermal comfort. Harmony will allow Millennium to offer all 1,500 workplaces sweeping views of the Geneva countryside, while still blocking up to 99 percent of glare-producing light. Harmony will also help Millennium be more energy efficient than buildings outfitted with static glass by dramatically reducing energy demand and the need for HVAC by blocking up to 91 percent of solar heat.

Along with a focus on occupant comfort and productivity, Millennium also prioritizes convenience through the use of cutting-edge technology. Everything at Millennium will be connected to the Cloud and managed via smartphone apps, from conference rooms to concierge services. In this smart building, the elevators will know when occupants enter the building and will be ready to take them to their floor. With so much smart technology in the building, the glazing needed to be just as intelligent. Harmony is integrated into the Cloud service as an Internet of Things (IoT) device and is also driven by the building’s Siemens Building Management System to ensure the building is consistently delivering an optimized indoor environment for a superior occupant experience.

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