Scott Sports SA
Itten+Brechbühl AG
Project Size
2,375 m²
SageGlass Classic TGU
April 2019
© Zinniker Philipp


The aim of Scott Sports SA’s new global headquarters was to bring all business divisions and departments, including Bike, Winter, Moto and Running, under one roof. The building’s design was also intended to encapsulate the company’s philosophy — one that’s shaped by a spirit of innovation. Specifications for the building also included sustainable energy supply and use.



Located in the commercial area of Givisiez in the canton of Fribourg, the new building’s high-tech facade impresses even from afar. The ground floor, with its cafeteria, restaurant and showroom, features a discreet glass facade built using SageGlass Climatop Classic glazing. The smart solar protection glazing reacts dynamically to the weather outside. It tints automatically according to the strength of the sun and remains transparent even at its darkest tint level, offering unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape. The atrium skylight also uses electrochromic glazing.



Thanks to SageGlass, the building doesn’t require any additional shading systems on the ground floor or on the atrium skylight, without compromising the comfort indoors. While the glazing reduces glare and heat influx, it also lets in natural light and provides a clear view of the outdoor facilities where new bikes are tested. Customers and employees alike appreciate the new comfort. For CEO Beat Zaugg, one thing is clear: “We care about our workplace culture and modern workplace requirements — and our new headquarters is a shining example of this.”

When it comes to sustainability, the new headquarters also shines bright. The building is Europe’s first to operate a simultaneous heating, ventilation and acoustics management system. This helps ensure a sustainable energy supply and careful use of resources.