Net Zero Plus Electrical Training Institution
SageGlass LightZone®


The Net Zero Plus Electrical Training Institution (NZP ETI) in City of Commerce, California is a Net Zero Plus building that utilizes energy-efficient design and technology to generate more energy than it uses on an annual basis. The 13,200 m², net-positive facility generates nearly a megawatt’s worth of power, while only consuming about 740,000 kWh. NZP ETI is a national showcase for innovative energy technologies and functions as a state-of-the-art training facility for electricians.

The challenge for NZP ETI was not only to harness sunlight for power, but also for daylighting purposes in order to reduce energy consumption. Negative effects of allowing uncontrolled sunlight into the building include increased HVAC costs, and the presence of glare and the resulting visual discomfort for occupants. Glare is partially addressed in the office areas with a metal mesh screen installed over the exterior of pre-existing opaque channel glass.



NZP ETI turned to a more sophisticated solution on the east-facing façade, SageGlass electrochromic glazing. SageGlass LightZone® is an innovative glazing technology that helps the facility manage solar heat gain while maximizing natural light without the need for mesh screens, shades, or blinds.



SageGlass LightZone® provides NZP ETI with the ability to tint three zones within a single pane of glass to let in exactly the right amount of light, and block heat and glare as needed. Lightzone® is also installed in the main conference room which allows occupants to darken the room for presentations. SageGlass provides dynamic solar control and is an innovative solution for buildings were unobstructed views, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort are primary concerns.