CheD architecte
SageGlass Classic DGU
Project Size
220 m²
© Annick Bienfait


Lycée Sainte Catherine is a high school specializing in professional training for careers in the hospitality industry. An EUR 8 million renovation effort began in 2016 with the aim of upgrading the school for new training courses and to meet recent health, safety and hygiene regulations. The construction of a large extension is the first phase in a major renovation of the school. This new building includes two teaching kitchens, classrooms and two training restaurants.

The client’s ambition was to create a passive building offering excellent working conditions for pupils.



The new building has an intelligent layout with a mostly south-facing aspect. SageGlass electrochromic triple glazing, which can be tinted or brightened according to the outdoor conditions, was chosen for this facade to regulate incoming light and heat. This allows use of heating, air conditioning and artificial light to be limited and meets requirements for excellent energy performance and building comfort.



Maintenance and cleaning required by traditional solar protection equipment (blinds, etc.) can prove costly. This is particularly true when used with hard-to-reach glazing. SageGlass electrochromic glazing, which offers effective solar protection without mechanical components, does away with these aspects of maintenance. Accordingly, it has been installed in the least accessible areas of the facade: the skylights and the upper section of the main facade.

SageGlass also brings natural light and a view of the outdoors into the training kitchens. This has a positive effect on students’ learning experience, according to numerous studies.

The energy efficiency of the new building is excellent and smart management of incoming light and heat helps ensure the best possible working conditions for students at the specialist school.