Inside of the building, tinted glass, on person on the left
Inside of building, clear glass
Inside of the building, tinted glass
Kästli Management AG
bfb ag
Project Size
720 m²
SageGlass Classic TGU
June 2019
© Adrien Barakat

The Challenge

Previously, the headquarters of construction and logistics firm Kästli AG was in the Bernese municipality of Ostermundigen. The plan was for the new headquarters to be closer to the company’s market territory and bring together the operations center, workshop, and service center in a single location. Accordingly, company management opted for the neighboring community of Rubigen. The aim was for the administrative building in the new headquarters to be transparent and inviting. The design was intended to offer the building’s occupants a view of the Bernese Alps and stunning surrounding scenery in all seasons, at any time of day. The search was on for a solar protection solution that didn’t completely block the view of the surrounding landscape on sunny days.

SageGlass helps create a clear overall design that doesn’t just give this new edge-of-town development a unique look. It also adds an exciting new touch to the entrance to Rubigen and blends in with the existing town and landscape.
Christian Müller, Architect, BFB AG
Kästli AG

The Solution

The service center facade is a post and beam construction with glass elements. Kästli Management AG decided to use triple-glazed SageGlass® Climatop Classic for all glazing. The central atrium skylight was also fitted with 70 m² of SageGlass® Climatop Classic. This lets natural light flow into the core of the building and flood even the basement level with light. The tint level of the dynamic glazing is controlled by the SageGlass control system.


The Benefits

The service center has an inviting, transparent design. The smart glass allowed the building to forgo any form of external solar protection, permitting stunning views of the Bernese Alps and Middle Aare Valley all year round.

Blocking out sunlight on hot days and making use of solar energy in cooler weather, the dynamic solar protection also significantly reduces energy consumption and the costs ofheating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The electrochromic glass also helps keep overall operating expenses for the building low.