Joris Engisch, head of Jean Singer & Cie SA posing in his office equipped with SageGlass Harmony smart windows.
Jean Singer & Cie SA employees working on dials. Smart windows allow them to have a view on the outside while being protected from heat and glare.
Facade of Jean Singer headquarters, located in Boudry (Switzerland). Building equipped with SageGlass smart windows.
Jean Singer & Cie SA facade. First floor is tinted in SageGlass gradient state.
Julien Orillard posing in Jean Singer & Cie SA building equipped with SageGlass Harmony smart windows.
Jean Singer & Cie SA
Pierre Liechti Architectes
Sageglass Harmony®
Project Size
2,200 m²
© Adrien Barakat

Jean Singer & Cie SA is an independent manufacturer of premium dials for the major Swiss watch brands. The highest standards and a culture of excellence are the hallmarks of this family-run business, which is dedicated to making products of outstanding quality.

The company has been based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland since it was founded in 1919. Current owner, Joris Engisch, made the decision to relocate to Boudry, in the canton of Neûchatel into a state-of-the-art building that reflects the know-how and expertise of the company’s 350 expertly trained employees.

•     The new factory is fitted with SageGlass smart windows that tint and clear automatically thanks to the SageGlass Symphony control system.

•     The company opted for SageGlass Harmony, the only smart glass that can tint on a gradient, providing precise glare control with a modern aesthetic. This allows employees to perform highly focused work without worrying about glare from the sun and still be able to enjoy the views outside.

•     SageGlass smart glass adapts to weather conditions throughout the day, reducing the need for artificial light, heating and air conditioning, thus helping to lower the building's energy demand.

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