Hamilton Bonaduz AG
Domenig Architekten
SageGlass Classic TGU
Project Size
2,560 m²
© Ingo Rasp

The Challenge

Life science and medical technology company Hamilton Bonaduz AG was planning a new building for its Domat/Ems site in the Swiss canton of Grisons. The new building is in the Rhine valley, surrounded by the idyllic Grisons mountains. From time to time, a strong wind blows through the valley, making it impossible to install outdoor shades. On top of these environmental challenges, the new production building was also intended to symbolize the culture of the company, which is shaped by innovation and excellence. This meant the challenge facing the architects was twofold: the facade was expected to withstand the weather and strong gusts of wind and meet the clients’ high expectations.


The Solution

The facade in itself demonstrates that the clients’ expectations have been met. The architects, clients and facade planners were unanimous in their appreciation of the SageGlass dynamic solar protection glazing in particular. Combining protection from sun, glare and heat, the glazing’s operating principle allowed the building to dispense with external shades completely. SageGlass reacts to the sun and tints automatically to varying degrees, depending on the strength of the sunlight. While the glazing darkens, the view of the surrounding mountain landscape outside is maintained. This means the installation of external shading systems is not required, eliminating both the significant upfront and recurring costs of such systems.


The Benefits

With SageGlass, building occupants can enjoy all the benefits of a vast glass facade: plenty of light, boosting health and overall wellbeing. According to Andreas Wieland, Hamilton’s CEO, committed, creative and contented employees are the key to success. Thanks to SageGlass, you can view the outside world that surrounds your workplace at any time of the day or year, thus enhancing your energy, productivity and performance at work. This benefits Hamilton, too, as employees become ill less often, which is then reflected in staffing costs.

Another benefit is the low fixed costs, as SageGlass reduces air conditioning, heating and lighting costs by up to 25%. On top of that, no special cleaning or maintenance outlay is required, as the electrochromic windows can be cleaned like conventional glass.