Facade of Alpha Building equipped with SageGlass Bright Silver. Some trees and cars in front of the building.
View from the inside of Alpha Building: corner equipped with SageGlass, tinted in Harmony state.
View from the inside of Alpha Building: corner equipped with SageGlass, not tinted. Sunny space.
View from the inside of Alpha Building. Glass tinted in Harmony light state. View on the town of Baar. Desk inside.
View from the inside of the building. The sun is shining bright. The glass is tinted in harmony state.
View form the outside of Alpha Building. The building has geometrical shapes and a mirror aspect.
Stephan Häusler AG
Niels Roefs
SageGlass Harmony® with Neutral Clear
Project Size
1,528 m²
© Adrien Barakat

The Challenge

When planning the innovative seven-story ALPHA Building, Stephan Häusler, the company’s owner and property developer, actively participated in its creation. While crafting the vision for the space, he carefully considering the needs of future tenants. With this goal in mind, he enlisted the architect Niels Roefs, who was tasked with creating spaces conducive to the comfort and well-being of occupants while preserving the overall aesthetics of the building. Additionally, they collaborated to incoporate nature into the project, with particular emphasis on the surrounding park.


The Solution

To create this unique building that would offer an enhanced workplace experience, the owner and architect cleverly incorporated innovative and intelligent solutions. These included SageGlass Harmony® smart windows, which tint and clear according to the weather conditions and occupants’ needs to provide solar and glare control. The smart windows eliminated the need for blinds, maintaining unobstructed views of the surrounding park. Additionally, the combination of Harmony – the only smart window on the market capable of gradient tinting – and the Neutral Clear coating gives the building an incomparable aesthetic appeal.


The Benefits

SageGlass smart windows allow ALPHA Building tenants to enjoy exceptional comfort in their work and relaxation areas. Whatever the weather conditions, occupants have a direct view of the park, and can even see the mountains and lake from the 4th floor. Moreover, since the smart windows control the level of light and heat entering the building, the system decreases the need for air-conditioning is reduced. Finally, the Neutral Clear coating gives the building an even, luminous appearance, as it reflects the surrounding nature.

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