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Why Renovate With Smart Windows?

New Life for Old Buildings

Glass curtainwalls deliver a modern aesthetic and high-tech performance that can transform curb appeal and elevate the experience of occupants with uninterrupted views and daylight.

Meet Mandatory Retrofit Requirements

Smart windows help owners meet Building Performance Standards (BPS), which local governments across the US are increasingly adopting to reduce building energy use and carbon emissions.

Reduced Upfront Cost

Building owners in the United States, including tax-exempt entities, are eligible to receive a 30-50% tax credit or direct rebate on smart windows with the Investment Tax Credit (ITC).
AGU with SageGlass
After a renovation, the use of dynamic glass resulted in a 35% peak load reduction at the American Geophysical Building.
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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It
On the campus of Middle Tennessee State University, the iconic Murphy Center underwent a complete façade renovation in 2022. The installation of 33,000 sq. ft. of smart windows transformed the “Glass House” while maintaining the building’s original design intent.

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