Atelier 4+
SageGlass Climaplus Classic
SageGlass SQ
1076 ft² / 100 m²
Summer 2017

The Challenge

Ubisoft is a French company that develops, produces and distributes video games. In 2014, its Ivory Tower studio revolutionized the racing game with the release of The Crew, an arcade racing game with over 13 million players worldwide. Based near Lyon, the studio has a worldwide reputation for the quality and ambition of the games it produces, drawing on the talents of over 100 dedicated employees.

In 2016, Ivory Tower began renovating former warehouses with a view to moving in. Unlike the previous premises, where the blinds were constantly lowered, the new open space was meant to be bright and open to the outdoors, thanks to roof glazing and an almost fully glazed façade. However, with all 120 team members working on computers with up to three screens each, heat emissions are very high and visual comfort is key. It was therefore crucial to find a way to limit heat from sunlight and prevent screen glare.

Ubisoft was therefore looking for a solution for its façade that was as innovative as its business.

SageGlass offers a high level of comfort by retaining our outside views without the inconvenience of sunlight reflecting on our computer screens.
Emmanuel Oualid, Operations Manager

The Solution

SageGlass offered the ideal solution for this project: the electrochromic glazing can be darkened or brightened, either automatically, for perfect adjustment to the light levels outdoors, or manually if required. This means that the amount of sunlight and heat entering the open space can be regulated and occupants are protected from glare – a comfortable temperature and optimum visual comfort is ensured at all times.

The transparency of SageGlass can be controlled in four stages from 1% to 60% light transmission. No matter how dark the windows, the view outside is retained.


The Benefits

The Ivory Tower team members now enjoy an unobstructed view outside and, even in case of bright sunlight, no screen glare. They particularly appreciate being able to control the window tint at any time in order to darken the room.

What’s more, since the dynamic glazing limits the influx of sunlight, the indoor temperature always remains pleasant, despite the numerous sources of heat from the computers.