Credit Suisse Investment Foundation (for the investment group CSA Real Estate Switzerland)
Serliana AG, Wallisellen
SageGlass TGU
SageGlass SQ
19,375 ft² / 1,800 m²

The Challenge

The Wallisellen faucet factory once occupied the Arwa premises, right next to the Glattzentrum shopping mall. Now, following a long planning phase, a new project called “Serliana” has been developed on the site. It comprises three buildings: two newly constructed and one renovated. The former factory building is the headquarters of an official Ferrari and Maserati service partner, octane126. Its unique garage concept, a professional sales platform and an exclusive “car hotel” have made it the first place to go for luxury sports cars and collector’s cars in Zurich for the last eight years. In addition, the team is one of the most successful Ferrari racing teams in the world.


The Solution

The factory largely remains in its original state, but was increased in height by three floors and in length by 39 feet. High-quality dynamic glazing by SageGlass, a Saint-Gobain company, was selected for the facade. The electrochromic glass reacts dynamically to the sun. Depending on the level of sunshine, it will automatically darken or brighten. This ensures comfortable temperatures inside the building, protects the cars from strong sunlight and enables a clear view of the surroundings at any time.


The Benefits

SageGlass is the ideal solution for the factory. The people inside benefit from comfortable temperatures and an unobstructed view around the clock. Alongside octane126’s premium cleaning, maintenance and storage services, the garage’s customers will be offered an additional advertising space, where they can display their cars as desired to visitors and curious spectators with perfect lighting at all times.