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SageGlass Harmony®
Project Size
150,000 ft² / 13,935 m²
Expected 2024

The Challenge

To help attract top-tier talent to its new Research and Development District (RaDD) project on San Diego's waterfront, IQHQ needed to design a campus that was innovative, beautiful, and comfortable. The premier life sciences developer's new campus will include a series of mid-rise office buildings, one 17-story tower, several rooftop decks, and a public paseo through the length of the property. It represents the largest urban commercial waterfront site along California's Pacific coast.


The Solution

To help make its modern, luxurious workspaces a reality, the IQHQ design team has chosen SageGlass Harmony with Bright Silver for 150,000 square feet of glass—in what will be one of the largest smart window installations in the world.

RaDD is a transformative project that will advance the future of the life science market in San Diego. We’ve thoughtfully designed every aspect of RaDD to provide an exceptional experience, and we’re excited to partner with SageGlass to help create spaces where people can do their best work.
Marin Gertler
IQHQ Vice President of Development

SageGlass Harmony tints automatically throughout the day, reducing glare and heat while letting in plenty of natural light. At RaDD, the windows will keep temperatures comfortable, keep energy costs (and the carbon footprint) down, and offer beautiful views of San Diego Bay.  Additionally, the Bright Silver coating adds a more vibrant visual than traditional dynamic glass solutions, contributing to an enhanced exterior aesthetic for the campus. 


The Benefits

With SageGlass Harmony, the new buildings will offer bright, comfortable spaces for life sciences teams to work. The windows maintain a neutral color rendition and reduce glare indoors, and offer a seamless connection to the beautiful waterfront.

San Diego mayor Kevin L. Faulconer has said, "San Diego has some of the brightest minds and innovative companies that have made our region a hub for groundbreaking research and discoveries. The Research and Development District will transform our waterfront and bring top-tier life science companies to downtown." 

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