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IQHQ Selects SageGlass for Research and Development District in San Diego

The Largest Urban Commercial Site on California Coast Will Feature Innovative Smart Glass

Building facade with smart windows from left to right on a large modern building.

Rendering of the Research and Development District (RaDD), San Diego, California; image courtesy of IQHQ/MOTIV

Two industry disruptors have joined forces for San Diego’s most groundbreaking real estate project.

SageGlass, the global leader in electrochromic glass, was chosen by IQHQ, a premier life sciences real estate development company, to create one of the largest smart glass installations in the world. SageGlass will provide 150,000 square feet of SageGlass Harmony® electrochromic glass, controls, and software for IQHQ’s Research and Development District (RaDD), a 1.7 million square foot life science development on the waterfront in San Diego.

Electrochromic glass — also referred to as smart glass or dynamic glass — uses advanced intelligence to automatically tint throughout the day, reducing glare and regulating temperatures while letting natural light in. This technology offers both energy savings and a luxurious office experience. At RaDD, smart glass will offer unobstructed views of the bay.

Interior glass-walled room with seating. The glass is tinted in a gradient from less to more tinted.

SageGlass Harmony®, the first electrochromic glass to tint on a gradient


“The team at IQHQ has an incredible vision for RaDD,” said Ryan Park, SageGlass Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “SageGlass is thrilled to take part in this innovative oceanfront development intended to attract the best life sciences talent. With SageGlass Harmony® smart glass, the buildings will be comfortable, energy efficient, and beautiful.”

While providing a seamless connection to the outdoors, SageGlass Harmony maintains a neutral color rendition in the space and subtly enhances sky views with its gradient tint. SageGlass’ industry-exclusive Bright Silver exterior finish will provide a vibrant and uniform glazing to complement RaDD’s extraordinary coastal setting.

“RaDD is a transformative project that will advance the future of the life science market in San Diego," said Marin Gertler, IQHQ Vice President of Development. "We’ve thoughtfully designed every aspect of RaDD to provide an exceptional experience, and we’re excited to partner with SageGlass to help create spaces where people can do their best work.”

RaDD was designed by Gensler, the world’s largest design firm, and is being built by Turner, an international construction services company.


About SageGlass

SageGlass is the global leader in electrochromic glass and is transforming the human experience in the built environment. With this smart technology, dynamic glass tints and clears automatically to optimize daylight and regulate temperature — all while maintaining unobstructed views of the outdoors.

With SageGlass, building occupants comfortably experience the biophilic benefits of the outdoors, including stress reduction, enhanced creativity, and greater wellbeing. Architects choose SageGlass to solve solar control challenges elegantly without sacrificing aesthetics. And SageGlass can help building owners use less energy and achieve sustainability and wellness certifications. The SageGlass Symphony® control system can be integrated into smart, connected building systems.

SageGlass holds more than 1,300 patents and counting. And as a wholly owned subsidiary of Saint-Gobain, SageGlass is backed by more than 350 years of building science expertise that only the world leader in sustainable environments can provide.


About Saint-Gobain

Saint-Gobain designs, manufactures and distributes materials and solutions for the construction, mobility, healthcare and other industrial application markets. Developed through a continuous innovation process, they can be found everywhere in our living places and daily life, providing wellbeing, performance and safety, while addressing the challenges of sustainable construction, resource efficiency and the fight against climate change.

This strategy of responsible growth is guided by the Saint-Gobain purpose, “Making the World a Better Home,” which responds to our shared ambition to act every day to make the world a more beautiful and sustainable place to live in.


About IQHQ

IQHQ is giving progress a home, empowering the life science community to thrive and succeed by creating and developing environments that inspire innovation and drive progress and growth. IQHQ’s focus is to acquire, develop and operate life science properties in the innovation hubs of San Francisco, San Diego and Boston in the United States, and the Golden Triangle in the United Kingdom. IQHQ has offices in San Diego and Boston. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn or Instagram.


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