The Most Advanced Smart Window

SageGlass Harmony is the most versatile Smart Window on the market. In addition to the four classic tint states, Harmony is the only product capable of tinting on a gradient, delivering targeted glare control and maximizing daylight with a more natural aesthetic.
Most advanced smart windows

Other smart glass just tints a whole pane at a time, sacrificing daylight for glare control. SageGlass Harmony panes can tint on a gradient, giving you the perfect balance of daylight and glare control.

A beautiful interior corner view of a restaurant with a server setting up empty tables. There is glass on all of the exterior walls, showing tinted views of the outdoors.
Intelligent control system

The SageGlass Symphony® control system uses real-time data and algorithms to program eight distinct tint states at just the right time.

A person looking at a big control screen
Natural aesthetic

Harmony looks nothing like other electrochromic glass. Architects and occupants alike appreciate Harmony’s ability to control glare with unobtrusive, modern-looking windows.

Interior view of a room with glass along the far wall, showing the nature outside; people sitting on a couch and standing in the room.
Minimalist interior

Choosing SageGlass Harmony minimizes the need for blinds and shades, resulting in more natural light and outdoor views.

Beautiful modern interior space with lots of big windows that are partially tinted.
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Interior view of a restaurant or banquet room with floor to ceiling windows looking at a stunning view of nature.
Neutral color rendition
Even when SageGlass Harmony smart windows are tinted, the natural light in your space features a neutral color rendition that’s easy on the eyes.
Eight tint states
SageGlass Harmony smart windows feature eight unique tint states and can tint on a gradient, from top to bottom and from bottom to top, for incredible glare control.
Mix and match
When the application calls for it, you can pair SageGlass Harmony with SageGlass Classic and they work seamlessly together.
Exterior view of a building with glass and fieldstone on the bottom and a terrace on the top on a sunny day.
Top exterior aesthetics
While SageGlass Harmony smart glass is a newer addition to our portfolio, beautiful installations with attention-grabbing façades are already operational—or under construction—around the world.
Weather monitoring
The SageGlass intelligent control system uses a predictive algorithm along with rooftop sensors to track local conditions and predict when tinting will be needed.

Zoned control
Each façade of your building has unique shading needs throughout the day. With SageGlass Harmony, your windows tint where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

Optional scene creation
On the exterior, your SageGlass Harmony windows can be programmed to tint so that they collectively display a word, shape, or pattern.

See some of our SageGlass Harmony projects come to life.

Carson Group
Carson Group hired LEO A DALY and Tetrad Property Group to plan its new headquarters, which features two glass towers joined by a two-story bridge. Carson Group chose SageGlass Harmony to minimize glare, brightness, and heat. ...
Nebraska, USA
Millennium is a groundbreaking smart office building in Switzerland with a focus on occupant wellness, sustainability, and biophilic design. With SageGlass Harmony, Millennium offers unobstructed views of Lake Geneva, comfortable ...
Crissier, Switzerland
Millenium's facade
Sammons Financial
At Sammons Financial Group, leaders wanted to create a more collaborative and functional work environment to attract and retain the best talent. Its new six-story headquarters features SageGlass Harmony to block glare, control tem...
Iowa, USA
Keystone Property Group’s 1K1 redevelopment in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, will feature SageGlass Harmony with Saint-Gobain’s Bright Silver coating. This Class A office building is using smart technology amenities to help tenants ...
Pennsylvania, USA
1K1 Exterior photos of SageGlass Harmony

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