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When it’s untinted, SageGlass looks like regular low-e glass. Tinted, our proprietary SR2 coating provides a uniform, reflective look from the exterior. 

Far away shot looking at the Buhlerb Uzwil Cubic building's aesthetics.
SageGlass Bright Silver

For an even more vibrant and modern aesthetic we offer the SageGlass Bright Silver coating option.

Exterior of a glass building reflecting the sky and other buildings around it.

We can create rectangular SageGlass insulated glass units (IGUs) as large as 6 feet by 10 feet (1,8 meters by 3 meters). For more details on sizes and shape options, please refer to the product sheet.

Wide shot of a modern building with uniquely sized and shaped windows which are irregularly sized but in two horizontal rows.

Build an insulating glass unit designed to meet your performance goals. We offer both double and triple pane options.

View of inside a modern office, looking at two men working at desks, an open seating area and a table with a stunning set of floor to ceiling windows looking outside with lots of light.
Superior Intelligence

Full Automation

Our smart IGUs come with our intelligent control system that tints and clears the glass based on a predictive algorithm and real-time weather data.

Control at Your Fingertips

Automation is great, but people feel better knowing they have control too. We provide this through intuitive wall touch panels and a mobile app.

BMS Integration

Our intelligence is routinely integrated with major Building Management Systems on the market, allowing for more holistic building control.
  • View inside a bright room with SageGlass, floor to ceiling. With tables and people sitting around them.
  • interior room with glass windows, not tinted
  • View inside a big glass room, maybe a school, with students and tables scattered around.
  • interior view of a room with glass walls, windows tinted
What’s in the Glass?
Learn about our insulating glass unit (IGU) and what makes SageGlass dynamic.
SageGlass difference graphic
Outboard Lite
Outboard lite can be customized with different coatings and come in different thicknesses based on project needs.
An interlayer laminates our Outboard Lite to the EC Coated Lite.
EC Coated Lite
Electrochromic layers are sputter coated onto 2.2 mm annealed glass.
EC Coating
The electrochromic coating is comprised of multiple layers of metallic elements that can dynamically modulate the visual light transmittance (VLT) and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of the glass by application of a small electrical charge.
We use a stainless steel warm edge spacer and industry-standard PIB and Silicone sealants, adding Air, Argon or Krypton based on performance needs.
Inboard Lite
The inboard lite of the IGU can have additional Low-E coatings and laminates based on project performance needs.
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Why SageGlass is a Smart Investment

Business Advantage

In a world of average buildings, you want yours to stand out. SageGlass smart windows are a differentiator.


Smart glass can help you achieve green building certifications, save on energy costs, and make a positive impact on the planet.

The Total Cost

Consider the total cost of smart window ownership. Save on blinds or external shading, and significantly reduce your HVAC needs.
How SageGlass Helped SCHEELS Destination Retail Store Reduce its Energy Bills
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Smart Windows can be a differentiator in a variety of commercial and institutional building types.
Airports worldwide have selected smart windows to provide a comfortable atmosphere with plenty of natural light.
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Cultural Institutions
Visitors and employees may not realize the glass is smart. The quality of your space can enhance their experience.
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Health & Life Sciences
Healthcare spaces can promote wellbeing for patients and staff with access to natural light and views of the outdoors.
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Higher Education
Today’s students want more from their campuses, including a focus on sustainability, wellness, and innovation.
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Hospitality & Gaming
Customers have a more enjoyable experience—and spend more—when the space is modern and comfortable.
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Office Buildings
Competing for talent requires providing distinctive, high-energy spaces where employees can be happy and productive.
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In a world of e-commerce, modern retail spaces that are inviting, light-filled, and beautiful can stand apart.
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Your building is unique. Let’s create the perfect smart window solution.

Every project is different. We’d love to hear about your goals and see if we can be of service on your building journey.