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Our interactive calculator makes it simple to compare the upfront cost of dynamic glass with traditional low-e glass and shading solutions when a project is eligible for the ITC. Enter your project details to calculate the potential credit amount and compare the total cost of a smart window system.

Dynamic Glass & The Investment Tax Credit

Reduced Upfront Cost

The credit covers the entire window system including the insulating glass unit, controls, and framing system, as well as the labor fees.

Eligibility & Transferability

The final owner of the system is eligible to claim the credit, however, that owner may elect to sell it to a third party.

Tax-Exempt Entities

The Inflation Reduction Act created Direct Pay mechanisms for federally tax-exempt entities to receive a rebate from the Treasury in the same amount as the credit.
New Mexico Mutual with SageGlass
FAQ: Dynamic Glass and the Investment Tax Credit

* The purpose of this information is to make you aware of some of the possibilities with respect to the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) so that you may work with your tax advisors to investigate your options.  This information is not meant to be tax advice but merely a tool to help our customers who select SageGlass dynamic glass solutions to investigate options to receive an ITC.  Please note,  just the fact that you use SageGlass dynamic glass solutions may not entitle you to receive an ITC.  You may have to demonstrate that your project satisfies all the required criteria.  Please consult with your tax advisors if your project is eligible based on your specific project criteria.

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