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Pioneering Study on Electrochromic Glazing’s Effects on Building Occupants

May. 19, 2018

In 2012, a study on the impact of electrochromic glazing on occupants’ comfort and well-being was conducted in partnership with De Montfort University (UK).

Two shared offices of one building of the campus’ university were equipped with SageGlass electrochromic glazing. Several aspects were investigated, including the impact of the glazing on energy consumption, and the occupants’ experience of the technology in terms of visual comfort and user interface. For this purpose, the study combined various approaches: continuous physical measurements, and subjective assessments based on questionnaires and interviews.

Internal and external views of the case study rooms at De Montfort University.

This research project was one of the pioneer studies in terms of long-term assessment of electrochromic technology in a real occupied site. It shed further light on the perception of this type of technology from the occupants’ point of view, and about its practical application in typical office environments.

You will find below the different scientific publications released along the research project:


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