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Daylight events to look forward to in 2019

Jan. 16, 2019
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For a good start to 2019, we have compiled the following list of interesting events and conferences addressing daylight and its applications in buildings that you should not miss this year! The list will be completed along the year, but you can already begin to mark your calendars right now!

2019 Daylight-Related Conferences and Events

30-Jan CIBSE Daylight Group : The new European Standard for Daylight in buildings London, UK
14-Mar CIE Tutorial on S 026 - Use and Application of the New Metrology for ipRGC- Influenced Responses to Light Eindhover, NLs
7-9 April SimAUD 2019 Atlanta, USA
16-May International Day of Light Globally
6-7 June Wellness and Biophilia Symposium Watford, UK
14-Jun CIE 2019 29th Quadrennial Session  Washington DC, USA
22-Aug Radiance Workshop NYC, USA
2-4 September Building Simulation 2019 Rome, Italy
4-6 September CISBAT 2019 Lausanne, Swizterland
October Velux Daylight Symposium Paris, France
23-26 October PDLC 2019 Rotterdam, NLs
28-29 October Advanced Building Skins Bern, Switzerland
13-14 November LuxLive 2019 London, UK
9-12 December  2019 Buildings XIV International Conference  Florida, USA 


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