Design a Seamless View

SageGlass Harmony® is a totally unique glazing solution that provides precise glare and daylight control and a smooth visual aesthetic through a natural, seamless in-pane tint transition. 

Targeted solar control
Gradual in-pane tint transitions
Blocks 99% of glare producing light
Intelligent daylight management
Maintains view and connection to outdoors
Excellent interior color rendering
Helps achieve green labels
Automatic & manual control

Other Products

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By dynamically changing tint in response to the sun, SageGlass® increases occupant comfort while maintaining a connection to the outdoors without the need for blinds or shades.


Only SageGlass LightZone® provides you with the ability to create up to three tint zones within a single pane of glass to let in exactly the right amount of light and block the sun as needed.

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