For hotels and restaurants or cafés, having a beautiful location and view to the outside is key to attracting customers. Dynamic SageGlass provides key hospitality design benefits to create the best environments and to help new buildings stand out. 
SageGlass lets the building’s owners maintain a comfortable temperature for customers without obstructing the space’s breathtaking views. In this way, dynamic glass windows solve a problem for the customer and at the same time helps owners differentiate their business. It helps deliver a “wow factor” that the building owner very much wants in their hotel or restaurant design.
Electrochromic glass allows hotel and restaurant owners the potential to increase revenue based on their location. An analysis of Hotels.com reservations and prices indicate that the average daily price of a room with a view to nature is 18% higher than a room without a view4
In biophilic hotel lobbies, 36% of guests were observed spending time in the space, as compared to 25% of guests in conventional hotel lobbies.
SageGlass delivers a solar control solution that no other glazing system can provide for hotel and restaurant owners. 
2  Browning B. (2012) The Economics of Biophilia: Why designing with nature in mind makes sense. Available:
3  Report World Green Building Council 2013: The Business Case for Green Building
Since the installation of SageGlass glazing, business at my restaurant has considerably increased. The view is breathtaking, and our clients can now enjoy it all through the year.

Peter Roodbeen, Co-Owner Hostellerie am Schwarzsee

SageGlass allowed us to create a comfortable and unique experience inside that maximizes the historical views, from a structure that really draws attention to itself from the curb.”

Michael Stanton, Stanton Architecture Dirty Habit, DC

Thanks to the new SageGlass façade, our guests benefit from a very effective thermal and acoustic insulation. The efficient and flexible installation process allowed us to complete the renovation without ever closing the hotel.

Alain Rigazzi, Director Warwick Hotel Geneva

Summer temperatures often exceed 90 degrees in Los Angeles, which causes unique challenges. Solar control was a major factor for the overall design of the space. We needed to maintain unobstructed views from all vantage points while blocking harsh sunlight and intense heat at the same time. SageGlass’ innovative technology made this possible.

Mandi Rafaty, Managing Principle Tag Front


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