How Dynamic Glass Works

How Dynamic Glass Works

SageGlass’ electrochromic coating consists of five layers of ceramic material. Applying a low voltage of electricity darkens the coating as lithium ions and electrons transfer from one electrochromic layer to another electrochromic layer.


Reversing the voltage polarity causes the ions and electrons to return to their original layer, causing the glass to return to its clear state.


This solid-state reaction is controlled through a very low voltage (less than 5V DC) power supply. A darkened state enables SageGlass to absorb and reradiate away the sun’s unwanted heat and glare. A clear state allows you to maximize daylight and solar energy.

Electrochromics in Action

SageGlass nanotechnology incorporates layers of coatings on glass, which in total are less than 1/50th the thickness of a human hair. The coatings are applied using sputter deposition, which is a tried and true, low-cost, low-risk manufacturing process that has been used for decades to manufacture millions of square feet of low-e glass. The transparent conductor (TC) layers form a sandwich around the electrochromic (EC) layer, the ion conductor (IC) and the counter electrode (CE). Applying a positive voltage to the TC in contact with the CE causes lithium ions to be driven across the IC and inserted into the EC layer, while a charge compensating electron is extracted from the CE, flows around the external circuit, and is inserted into the EC layer.


After applying the coatings, SAGE fabricates SageGlass into industry standard insulating glass units (IGUs). SageGlass IGUs can be installed into frames supplied by SAGE’s window, skylight and curtain wall partners, or by your preferred glazing supplier.


An easy-to-use control system allows anyone to operate SageGlass. We can also customize the control system to fit the specific needs of your project. You can control SageGlass windows, skylights and curtain walls with a building automation system, wall switches and our mobile app, or a combination of the three. The SageGlass control system’s wiring conforms to the requirements for the NEC® Class 2 circuit, and is powered by UL listed power supplies, ensuring that the entire system meets industry standards.

The Science Behind SageGlass

The world’s most intelligent and reliable electrochromic glass, SageGlass has been developed and enhanced through two decades of pioneering research and is protected by more than 500 patents.

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