With over 1,000+ patents and manufactured in the world’s most advanced electrochromic plant, SageGlass makes one product: the world’s most intelligent, reliable electrochromic glass that is as dynamic as the people it benefits.


Our company started in 1989 in Valley Cottage, N.Y., with a singular and ambitious mission: to completely reinvent what glass means for buildings. We soon became the first to develop electrochromic technology and spent the years that followed innovating and building upon our revolutionary product.

In 2010, we announced our triple-pane glazing product, the world’s most energy-efficient window glass, and this led us to an important partnership. Saint-Gobain, the Paris-based world leader in building materials for 350 years, invested $80 million in our company. By 2012 Saint-Gobain had acquired 100% of SageGlass, making it a wholly owned subsidiary and a key part of its innovation strategy.

Our founder - John Van Dine


Today, we’re proud to own and operate the largest and most advanced electrochromic glass plant on the globe. Since the first construction project using SageGlass, we have installed electrochromic glass in hundreds of projects and iconic buildings worldwide.

Every day, our perseverance pays off in small ways that give the world more beautiful, energy-efficient, occupant-centric buildings. We invite you to become part of our story.

How We Work

We are a company of ideas that are nurtured by a commitment to research and development. The achievements of our founder inspire us to reach for the next great solution. With an ever growing list of green certified installations, SageGlass is committed to the mission of providing a dynamic system which helps to create more comfortable interior spaces to benefit everyone in the built environment.

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People love to visit our LEED Gold certified headquarters and high-volume manufacturing facility. In our virtual tour, you can learn more about the people and culture of SageGlass and take a detailed "walking" tour of the manufacturing floor. You'll also see some of our most recent products and services.

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