University Library (France)

The La Rochelle University Library (France) belongs to the University of La Rochelle, a recently founded multi-disciplinary university that is open to both the local area and the world. It represents a new generation of universities that listen to their students' needs and to the requirements of socio-economic stakeholders.



La Rochelle's university library features a long skylight, filling the building with light. Unfortunately, during sunny weather, students were unable to use the desks located underneath the skylight, as the bright light and heat were unbearable, and the glare reduced visibility on their computer screens. The University of La Rochelle decided to seek out a long-term solar protection solution that would resist the winds from the nearby ocean.



SageGlass® was the ideal solution – this dynamic glazing requires no special maintenance and is not affected by sea air, unlike blinds or shutters. In addition, even at its maximum tint, it remains transparent and continues to provide light to the building, the main function of a skylight.The new SageGlass® glazing, installed in the existing frames, is controlled by external light sensors, and silently adapts its tint to weather conditions throughout the day, without the students even noticing.



Now students are happy to sit underneath the skylight and can enjoy the natural light without suffering from heat or glare. As a number of studies have shown, a natural light source is beneficial for concentration and helps to improve learning ability.


LOCATION:La Rochelle, France


CLIENT:Université de la Rochelle

PROJECT OWNER:Rectorat de Poitiers


PRODUCT:SageGlass Climaplus Classic

Our aim for SageGlass is to be invisible. Occupants have an improved experience in their environments, but often aren't even clear why. They just feel more comfortable.

Derek Malmquist, Vice President of Marketing SageGlass

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