It isn’t just a place to live and work – it’s an experimental laboratory. The NEST building in Dübendorf is a ‘living laboratory’ aimed at accelerating innovation in the construction and energy sectors. Here, players in research, business and the public sector joint forces to develop sustainable technologies, materials and systems and test them in real conditions. Thanks to SageGlass electrochromic glazing installed in the facade of NEST’s ‘Meet2Create’ office complex, occupants enjoy maximum natural light and efficient protection from heat and the sun, as well as an unobstructed view outdoors. The ideal conditions combine to stimulate creativity and productivity. The dynamic glazing, which darkens or lightens automatically or on demand, guarantees a comfortable indoor climate, even in rooms bathed in light and when temperatures are high outdoors. 

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Swiss Building Documentation (Swiss link)


LOCATION:Dübendorf, Switzerland

ARCHITECTS:Gramazio Kohler Architects

PRODUCT:SageGlass® Climaplus Classic

PHOTOS:Roman Keller

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