Nashville International Airport® (USA)


Nashville International Airport®, also known as BNA®, is a major through-point and economic engine for the Middle Tennessee region. The BNA® Vision project, currently underway, is transforming the airport into a modern, efficient, and comfortable space, including a major terminal renovation, an on-airport hotel, roadway improvements, and more.

One phase of the project focused on BNA’s Concourse D, which includes over 10'000 squaremeters of space. The concourse has high ceilings and a large western exposure, which can lead to undesired heat and glare from the windows. The design team needed to balance those concerns with the desire to offer passengers (and employees) lots of natural light and outdoor views.



The BNA® Vision design team chose SageGlass electrochromic glass for the concourse “because of the orientation of the concourse and the large expanse of windows that face the western exposure,” explains Robert Ramsey, BNA Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. The programmable glass auto-tints based on the amount of sunlight throughout the day. It helps reduce glare and heat, and is a key component of the “modern, relaxed environment” in the concourse.



Victoria Robeson, who spends her days in the concourse as a host at one of the brewery vendors, says, “The SageGlass smart glass windows are amazing. They provide beautiful scenery, and you can really tell the difference in the temperature. When it starts to get hot outside, you get that layer of heat protection.”

Ramsey adds, “It’s very modern. I think it absolutely represents what we’re trying to do at Nashville. As passengers are traveling, we want them to be comfortable. We want hometown citizens to be proud of their airport. We want everyone to have a pleasant experience coming into the city of Nashville.”

The use of SageGlass directly impacts sustainability, too: the reduction in glare and heat improves the concourse’s thermal efficiency, contributing to the project’s LEED Silver certification.


LOCATION: Nashville, Tennessee

ARCHITECT & DESIGN TEAM: Corgan, Hensel Phelps, Fentress Architects


PRODUCT: SageGlass 




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The SageGlass smart glass windows are amazing. They provide beautiful scenery, and you can really tell the difference in the temperature.

Victoria Robeson Nashville International Airport Host

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