Government Services Administration Headquarters (USA)

A government building incorporates SageGlass® into an atrium renovation to let in more natural light, enhance occupant comfort and showcase its sustainability commitment.

The government’s largest civilian landlord, the General Services Administration (GSA) is committed to sustainable building design and technologies. SageGlass® was selected for a renovation at the agency’s headquarters in Washington D.C., involving a six-story atrium built atop a formerly open-air courtyard. The dynamic glass installed in the atrium skylights helps to keep building occupants comfortable while reducing the amount of energy consumed for cooling and heating. Equally important, dynamic SageGlass provides a tangible example of the GSA’s commitment to using more green technologies in its new and renovated buildings.

SageGlass can reduce a building’s cooling load by up to 20% and HVAC requirements up to 30%.

SageGlass includes automatic sensor controls for maintaining a comfortable level of sunlight throughout the day. Building owners can also use a remote control to manually adjust daylight to their liking.

In addition to the practical benefits of optimizing daylight while controlling glare and solar heat gain, SageGlass showcases a cutting-edge technology for improving energy performance in public buildings.


LOCATION:Washington, D.C.

ARCHITECT:Shalom Baranes Associates

PHOTOGRAPHY:Montana Pritchard Photography

To be able to enhance people's experience in a building while also saving energy is an amazing combination for architects and building owners.

Helen Sanders, Vice President of Technical Business Development SageGlass

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