Cost Savings

Cost Savings

SageGlass often costs the same or less than conventional glass when you consider the total cost of ownership. Traditional methods of controlling sunlight quickly add up. With traditional low-e glass you need to budget for:

  • Shades/blinds (plus installation and maintenance)
  • Exterior sunshades (plus transport and installation)
  • Larger HVAC systems
  • Increased energy usage
  • Lighting & cooling solutions
  • Peak demand charges

With SageGlass you need to budget for:

  • SageGlass, period.

And dollars are only part of the equation. SageGlass maximizes daylight and preserves your outdoor view – the reason you put glass in buildings in the first place. Read more.


“Windows should protect us from the elements such as wind, rain, cold, heat, and glare. SageGlass does that, exceeding ASHRAE standards. But it also lets you control the level of sunlight and heat gain, reducing overall energy loads – heating, cooling, lighting – by up to 20 percent and peak energy demand up to 26 percent. Daylighting control also lowers operational costs by eliminating the need for additional blinds, shades or louvers.”
John Van Dine
SageGlass CEO and Founder