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SageGlass Debuts in Dubai

By Derek Malmquist, Vice President of Marketing

Feb. 29, 2016

The market for electrochromic glass continues to grow, and the geography of our installations is constantly expanding. Due to the extreme heat and intense sun glare in the Middle East, we believe there is a great deal of potential for dynamic glass in this market, and are proud to announce SageGlass’ first ever installation in Dubai at the Swiss International Scientific School (SISD).

Approximately 110 square meters of electronically tintable glass SageGlass is now installed in the façade of the landmark building at SISD, marking the largest installation of dynamic glass in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to date.

SISD has been awarded the MINERGIE label, a renowned Swiss certificate for the pursuit of sustainable standards, with an emphasis on providing students with a comfortable and healthy interior climate. Both of these initiatives made our product a strong fit for this installation because our dynamic glass controls sunlight in order to optimize daylight and maintain outdoor views while simultaneously enhancing occupant comfort by preventing glare and solar heat. With the addition of our glass, SISD is now the first MINERGIE standard compliant building in the MENA region.

“We want to attract dynamic educators and staff, so we can offer working spaces that align with our values of social responsibility and sustainability,” said Mr. Joe Barchini, Partner and COO at SISD. “Innovative products like SageGlass are helping to create beautiful spaces that also improve the overall health and well-being of building occupants. From our offices, we can enjoy the wonderful view of the Dubai skyline, even when the sun is shining directly on our windows.”

The installation of SageGlass will reduce the School’s energy demand by allowing the building to rely less on energy-intensive HVAC systems, while increasing occupant comfort and well-being. SageGlass allows higher education facilities to increase natural light with no glare and little HVAC needed, which results in a more comfortable space that is conducive to cognitive thinking and learning.

“SageGlass is excited to be an essential component of this remarkable project. We’ve completely aligned with the SISD vision to develop a space that redefines the traditional learning and working environment,” said Alain Garnier, Manager Sales and Business Development for SageGlass in the Middle East. “We’re confident that this building is going to set the tone for the future of occupant-sensitive design.”