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SageGlass Announces Dynamic Glass Installation at Mohammed bin Rashid Library in Dubai

Largest library and cultural project in the Arab world will feature SageGlass for improved occupant comfort and energy efficiency

Feb. 13, 2018

SageGlass®, the world’s smartest electrochromic glass, will be installed in the Mohammed bin Rashid  Library, currently under construction in Dubai. A project of the Dubai Municipality, it is the largest library and cultural project in the Arab world. Designed by Architectural Consultancy Group (ACG) and constructed by ASGC, the 7-story project will feature the latest technologies, including SageGlass, an innovative solution for controlling daylight and glare and creating a more comfortable interior environment.

SageGlass, which will make up 72 percent of the project’s total glass elevation, can be programmed to tint automatically to the appropriate level of transparency in response to the sun, or it can be controlled manually via a smartphone application. With the ability to block heat and glare without the use of blinds or shades, SageGlass preserves views of the outdoors. Architectural façade and glazing specialist JML will install SageGlass at the Library.

“The Mohammed bin Rashid Library will welcome millions of visitors annually, and people will spend extended periods of time inside the building,” said Sameh Samy, ASGC project director. “SageGlass will tint automatically to achieve the desired amount of shading inside the library, but it can also be manually changed through the mobile app if more or less shading is needed in a particular area, depending on the activities or presentations planned.”

By blocking the sun as needed throughout hot days, SageGlass will contribute to the building’s energy savings, helping the project pursue certifications through green building rating systems such as LEED and Al Safat.

SageGlass has previously been recognized in the Middle East region for its sustainability benefits. SageGlass received the prestigious Gaia Award for the most innovative green construction product at The Big 5 International Building & Construction Show in 2016 in Dubai.

“We are proud to bring SageGlass technology to this prestigious project,” said Alain Garnier, Manager, Sales and Business Development, SageGlass Middle East. “SageGlass will greatly enhance the interior environment of this great building, contributing to what will become a highly sophisticated cultural facility, when complete.”

The Mohammed bin Rashid Library’s complex architectural design suggests the image of an open book. As one of the largest electronic libraries in the world, the development will feature a variety of specialized libraries as well as laboratories for the preservation of books, the collection and processing of materials, and digital conservation. It is expected to serve as a venue for cultural and intellectual events and art exhibitions, once completed later this year.

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