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Discover SageGlass with DesignBuilder!

Mar. 27, 2019

We are pleased to announce that you can now easily model SageGlass dynamic glass in DesignBuilder software (version v5.5 and newer)!

DesignBuilder is an advanced building energy simulation tool that enables architects, engineers and energy assessors to make in-depth energy, environment and comfort analyses, and optimize the building design at any stage of the design process. It is based on EnergyPlus dynamic thermal simulation engine.

The latest versions (v5.5 and v6) offer a new intuitive way to model SageGlass, and to assess and visualize its impact on a building’s key performance indicators, such as energy consumption, carbon emissions, thermal comfort, and daylight availability. A wide range of control strategies options are available to adapt to individual project and client requirements, and to perform optimization calculations and analyses. Comparison with other dynamic façade technologies such as conventional glazings with automated blinds, or even thermochromic glazings are also possible.


We believe that this will open great possibilities and insights to professionals into how to use SageGlass in their design strategies to optimize their sustainability and comfort targets.

For more information on how to model SageGlass with DesignBuilder please consult the following document or  contact us at sales.emea@sageglass.com.

For more general information about DesignBuilder, please visit https://www.designbuilder.co.uk/index.php.