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Discover the new SageGlass modelling capabilities in IDA Indoor Climate and Energy & ESBO!

Jan. 8, 2020

We are pleased to announce that you can now easily model SageGlass dynamic glass in IDA Indoor Climate and Energy (IDA ICE) and ESBO software!

IDA ICE is an innovative and trusted whole-year detailed and dynamic multi-zone simulation application for study of thermal indoor climate as well as the energy consumption of the entire building. It accurately models the building, its systems, and controllers – ensuring the lowest possible energy consumption and the best possible occupant comfort. The physical models of IDA ICE reflect the latest research and best models available, and the computed results compare well with measured data.

The early beta version of IDA ICE 5* now offers the possibility to model SageGlass, and to assess and visualize its impact on a building’s energy consumption, thermal comfort, daylighting, HVAC sizing etc. A large range of control strategies options are available to adapt to individual project and client requirements, and to perform optimization calculations and analyses. Comparison with state-of-the-art facade solutions such as conventional glazings with automated blinds can be made.

Screenshot of IDA ICE modelling


ESBO is a simulation tool for building design optimization. While it is based on the same detailed and validated building model of IDA ICE, it requires fewer inputs and is easier to use. ESBO enables to experiment with different building designs and equipment in order to predict the consequences on energy use and comfort. Room-level and central HVAC systems may be evaluated, as well as glazing, shading and construction materials - all without the need of creating a complete geometric model of the building.

The latest version 2.3 also enables to conduct energy and comfort studies with SageGlass dynamic glass on one room or a whole building. Comparisons with different façade solutions are also possible.

Screenshot of ESBO modelling


We believe that the new versions of IDA ICE and ESBO will open new possibilities and insights to professionals into how to use SageGlass in their design strategies to optimize their building performance targets.

For more information on how to model SageGlass on IDA ICE and ESBO, please contact us directly.

*to test the early beta version of IDA ICE 5, please contact EQUA.