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Discover the new SageGlass modelling capabilities with DIAL+!

Sep. 4, 2017

We are pleased to announce that you can now model SageGlass dynamic glass on DIAL+ software!

DIAL+ is a user-friendly tool that enables architects, designers and consultancy teams, to quickly evaluate both the daylighting and thermal performances of a built space, from the earliest stages of design.

The latest version 2.5 allows running dynamic daylight and thermal simulations to quantify the potential of SageGlass to meet daylight, energy and comfort targets. Different control strategies of SageGlass can be modelled including Lightzone®, and comparison with other conventional façade solutions such as automated blinds can be made.

Besides annual illuminance levels, results such as daylight factors, daylight autonomies and useful daylight illuminances are available and could help assessing the space performance with regards to environmental labels. The different tint states of SageGlass over the year can also be displayed for a deeper analysis of the behavior of the system. Regarding the thermal aspects, indoor temperatures, solar gains and thermal comfort indicators can also be calculated.  

We believe that the release of this tool will open new possibilities and insights to designers into how to use SageGlass in their design to optimize their sustainability and comfort goals.

For more information on how to model SageGlass on DIAL+, please consult this document or contact us at europe@sageglass.com

For more general information about DIAL+, please visit www.dialplus.ch